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Diet & Muscle Toning

Diet & Muscle Toning

Get the right products to tone & sculpt your physique

Endurance & Performance

Endurance & Performance

Be fuelled by Dynamix the right way

Health & Recovery

Health & Recovery

Aiding you in Optimal health & Muscle Recovery

Muscle & Strength

Muscle & Strength

Push to limits with Dynamix Muscle & Strength Range

Our Best Sellers

Great Tasting Whey

Pure Whey Protein from Dynamix has a smooth creamy taste derived from natural ingredients and is available in four sensational flavours.

ONLY £42.50

Pure Amino Pump

The highest quality product of its kind only requiring half the dosage of many competitive products to provide best possible value and delivering maximum endurance.

ONLY £35.00

Carbs Instant Energy

This source of complex carbohydrates is designed to help burn fat, increase weight loss and raise metabolism.

ONLY £17.50

Pure Oats and Whey

The perfect breakfast with a balanced blend of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, to start your day.

ONLY £25.00


Our Special Offers

Pure Lean

A product designed to increase metabolism and as a fat burner will promote weight loss and increase energy levels.

RRP £23.99

NOW £19.99

Redemption T-shirt

RRP £23.99

NOW £18.00


Probably the best value product of its kind on the market and a valuable fat burner to help increase weight loss.

RRP £22.00

NOW £16.00

Fitted Jacket

RRP £45.00

NOW £35.00

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Only the best

...from the very first taste

Dynamix Nutrition Ltd was formed in 2010 and is now one of the UK’s fastest growing suppliers of body building food supplements, vitamins and nutrition products and protein shakes for athletes, body builders and those who want a healthier life style. Many of our product flavours and recipes are unique to us and are not available from any other supplier.

At Dynamix the emphasis has always been on quality, taste and exceptional value for money. Although our products may sometimes cost a little more, it is because we only ever use the finest ingredients, unlike many of our competitors who use fillers and bulking agents.

Compare like for like and our products cannot be beaten - and because they are only manufactured using the very best ingredients - you will notice the difference from the very first taste.

Latest Reviews

Pure ISO starstarstarstarstar

": Absolutely stunning flavoring and perfect for post workout. The citrus flavor aids in a real thirst quenching taste with very high quality whey isol..."

Pure Amino Pump starstarstarstarstar

": Incredible supplement. Never have I used a pre-workout that gave me physical and mental benefits without a “come-down” afterwards. Extreme mental fo..."

Great Tasting Whey starstarstarstarstar

"Absolutely gorgeous texture and love the taste. Ideal for me in the morning while I’m cutting with my coffee. I mix 5g coconut oil, teaspoon of instan..."